Workshop: How to Develop Helping Skills through Play

This workshop will equip participants with (1) some knowledge and helping skills in working with children, and (2) some understanding of the potential benefits of play in helping children overcome negative emotions and relational difficulties and develop self-control and bonding.

More specifically, participants will learn how to:

  • Appreciate the important functions of play in child development

  • Build trusting relationship with the child through play

  • Recognize the importance of the here-and-now in interactions

  • Be fully present psychologically and spiritually

  • Listen actively with acceptance and empathy

  • Explore the child’s world through play, body language & stories

  • Discover and reflect on the child’s emotions and needs

  • Teach children the importance of boundary and self-control through play

  • Recognize some tell-tale signs of emotional and relational problems

  • Refer the child for proper professional help

Activities will include:

  • Scenarios and case studies

  • Video clips of play therapy sessions

  • Selection of essential toys

  • The use of puppets, sandtray, drawings, role play, etc.

  • Interactive exercises

  • Self-reflections in small groups

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