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The Untold Story of the INPM and the Meaning Conferences

As we celebrate the INPM’s 20th Anniversary, I think it is an important occasion to remember and reflect on the history of the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM). My story will focus on the Meaning Conferences—to review what we have accomplished in the last two decades and to serve as a blueprint for future […]

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Communication with the Other: Existential Crisis Triggers a Marital Crisis

Paul T. P. Wong & Lilian C. J. Wong Introduction All the evidence on effective psychotherapy has confirmed that relationship heals regardless of what therapeutic approach is employed (Duncan, Miller, Wampold & Hubbel, 2009). However, from a humanistic-existential framework, relationship goes beyond building rapport and therapeutic alliance; the curative effect of relationship can only be […]

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Multicultural Competencies in Group Supervision

Lilian C. J. Wong, Ph.D. Multicultural competency in group supervision poses greater challenges than in individual supervision, because of the additional considerations of intra-group dynamics and cultural sensitivity between group members. For example, a supervisor’s critique of an ethnic minority supervisee might be more injurious to that student whose culture is more concerned about shame […]

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Workshop: How to Develop Helping Skills through Play

This workshop will equip participants with (1) some knowledge and helping skills in working with children, and (2) some understanding of the potential benefits of play in helping children overcome negative emotions and relational difficulties and develop self-control and bonding. More specifically, participants will learn how to: Appreciate the important functions of play in child […]

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